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Amazon Christmas Tree
Digital Detour

Amazon Delivers Real Christmas Trees, Boxed and Carried To Your Door

Still in need of a real Christmas tree ahead of Santa’s arrival? Amazon now delivers 6-foot trees directly to your door, making holiday decorating as easy as opening an Amazon box – though assembly is required.    News You Can Use: Getting into the holiday spirit gets the Amazon touch for the first time this year.   For the first time,

digital doorbell
Digital Detour

How a Digital Doorbell Became My Latest Obsession

One of the most practical and, strangely, fun product upgrades I have had installed, the Ring digital doorbell puts security and convenience within the touch of your fingertip. It is also a great gift idea for the holidays. The Elevator

Nike Shoes HyperAdapt
Digital Detour

Nike Unveils Crazy Cool Self-Tying Shoes

New Nike shoes revealed have technology so adaptive, it automatically ties your shoes to the perfect tightness.  Want to tighten or loosen? Simply push a button on the HyperAdapt sneaks. One less thing to teach a 5 year-old these days.

Super Bowl
Digital Detour

How to Watch the Super Bowl Online

So right now I’m living a sports lover’s dream…I write from Glendale, AZ on a TV assignment covering the Super Bowl for a network.  It is a thrilling but exhausting assignment and, ironically, even though I am standing LITERALLY right

Car technology tire gauge blow out
Digital Detour

New Car Tech Eliminates Flat Tires Using Your Phone

FOBO Tire running one of the hottest Indiegogo campaigns right now. A new car tech tool that alerts you before your car or bike runs a flat tire. Yes you can…avoid flat tires forever! The Digital Deal:  Sure, car tech isn’t sexy.  But

Goal Control
Digital Detour

2014 World Cup Scores Goal-Line Technology

Tech junkies and jocks unite in Brazil! FIFA is outfitting the goals in all 12 World Cup venues with super cool sensing technology to ensure every goal will be a GOL! Front page news: Soccer, um sorry, football,  mania is sweeping

Secret App - Speak freely and share with your friends.
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Secret Is the Hot New App for Silicon Valley Voyeurs

Overhear the inner thoughts of friends and connections. Get the dirty details on the Silicon Valley scene. Secret gives you a place to read and get off your chest what nobody wants to say out loud.

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