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Warby Parker vision app
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Warby Parker Vision App Tests Eyesight, Cuts Need for a Doctor’s Visit for Glasses

With Warby Parker’s new Prescription Check app, you can check your eyesight within an app to get an eyeglass prescription in 24 hours.  Eliminate entirely the need to visit a doctor’s office for your next pair of specs. Tech is enabling exciting new developments in telemedicine. The maker of chic, affordable frames that jolted the retail market is now taking

elon musk tunnel
Future Living

Elon Musk is Digging a Tunnel to Ease L.A. Traffic

Elon Musk is fed up with traffic. In fact, he’s digging a tunnel, with dreams to “hyper” transport you from L.A. to San Francisco at 160mph with zero road rage. His grand tunnel plans are already being unearthed. On the

amazon books store
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Join me in a tour of Amazon’s new brick and mortar store experience – Amazon Books.  With some .com twists, Amazon Books is bringing the bookstore experience back. The future of digital retail involves bricks. My quick take: Last week

capsule app
Future Living

Capsule Pharmacy App Delivers Easy Way to Get Meds

The Capsule App proves that filling a prescription need not be miserable. Snap a photo of your prescription refill and wait for it to arrive in 2 hours.  It can be that simple. On the horizon: Simply click and wait

apple iphone wireless charging
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New iPhone Could Let You Wirelessly Charge While You Talk

New reports signal that Apple could have a game-changing new feature up its sleeve for 2017: the ability to ditch charging cords forever and wirelessly charge your phone! Imaging being able to charge your iPhone while in your pocket or

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New Google Glass for Cyclists Drives a Safer Ride

Garmin’s Varia Vision created big buzz with cycling enthusiasts at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show. The new wearable puts performance, safety and navigation data all in the cyclist’s line of sight. Which means, eyes are always on the road. A

Future Living

Tesla Autopilot Features for Model S Are Kick A$$!

Tesla soars into the future, unveiling autopilot features today that allow Model S cars to change lanes, break and even locate a parking space without driver assistance.  But don’t let go of the steering wheel just yet! On the Horizon:

Future Living

The BMW of device chargers is here, ditch those ugly white cords

Be the first to get your hands on the upcoming FlexCharger –  the “Ultimate Charging Machine” juicing 5 devices at once, including wirelessly, working seamlessly in foreign countries and can maximizes your WiFi signal while its at it. It is

google self-driving driverless mercedes ces F015
Future Living

Mercedes Benz debuts self-driving car that blows minds!

What car is 17 feet long, has 4 swiveling lounge seats and a steering wheel that folds into a dashboard?  The buzz about CES this year was the new Mercedes F015. Dubbed a “cocoon on wheels” with video screens controlled

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