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Three tech tools that go great together

Tech Graduation Gifts
Take 3

Tech Graduation Gifts that Don’t Skimp on Style

From Snapchat sunglasses to a phone-charging suitcase, graduation gift ideas that are sure to please your tech-loving grad and send her out into the world on trend. Gift Ideas for Tech-loving Graduates There’s no better way to congratulate your grad than with a high tech gift that says “welcome to the real world” with style and a charger, of course.

organize digital photos
Take 3

3 Tips to Manage and Organize Digital Photos More Effectively

One of the biggest challenges for busy people is to actively manage and organize the (thousands of!) digital photos and videos stored on your phone, tablet and other devices.  We all know how crisis-inducing those alerts about storage limits being

virtual assistant
Take 3

Best Virtual Assistant Apps For Busy People

Some of the best taskmaster apps to help you chip away at that expanding to-do list of yours. Thanks to virtual personal assistant apps, you can practically clone yourself and get stuff done! I was recently talking to a close

apps for new parents
Take 3

3 Must-Have Apps for New Parents

New parents need all the help they can get! Let technology and apps aid you in ways you didn’t know you needed. From a sick and totally redesigned baby monitor to a savvy feeding app that delivers a daily report,

juicero netflix party and thrive market
Take 3

The Ultimate In Healthy Living Tools

In our Take 3 healthy living edition, we present an insane new Juicer that has techies and foodies buzzing. A beloved organic marketplace that saves you time and money and an app that almost guarantees you stick to your diet

Take 3

Got Unwanted Gift Cards? Some Creative Ways to Unload Them

I love giving gift cards for the holidays, but receiving…errr…not so much. I know I’m not alone. In fact, there were $1 billion in unused gift cards in 2014*. Enter some new gift card app solutions so you can (re)gift,

Take 3

Apps That Help You Nail Your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy 2016! With a new year, come goals for a happier, healthier, awesomer you.  We kick off the new year showcasing must-have apps you need to help you stick to your new year’s resolutions well into the year to help

Take 3

Tracking Apps that Hunt Down Wallets, Keys and even You!

Keeping tabs on everything (or everyone) you need can be tedious, whether it be cell phones, car keys or your roommate.  Enter some wicked smart tracking apps to chase the loved ones and loved things in your life with just

Take 3

Apps to Make Your Summer Sublime

Time to kick back and have some fun with the help of hand selected apps to make your summer sublime.  Find the hottest concerts in your ‘hood, name the stars you see in the summer sky or download the app

Take 3

Drool-worthy new tech products for better living

Let’s face it, sometimes the gadgets in our lives can make us feel more frustrated and not in control.  I found 3 new tech products that I swear will change your life in the oddest of places – in the

best holiday shopping app
Take 3

The Best Holiday Shopping Apps for 2014

Ho ho ho! This time of year is a blast, a blur and costs serious bank.  It is hard enough to get through the season with the endless shopping lists, the merriment of a million parties and, oh yes, the bombardment

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