The Capsule App proves that filling a prescription need not be miserable. Snap a photo of your prescription refill and wait for it to arrive in 2 hours.  It can be that simple.

On the horizon: Simply click and wait for delivery of your next prescription
It is a scenario all to familiar: you or a loved one is sick. You swap your day’s appointments for one: the doctor’s office. One that is full of even more sick people.  Once your visit is complete, your day is not. You then schlep to your local pharmacy, only to stand in line with the city’s not-so-finest (CVS on 23rd and 8th in NYC, I’m talking to you), possibly with a sick child in tow, waiting on the medication you needed 12 hours ago. If you’re lucky, they have it in stock and you’re home an hour later, dousing yourself in hand sanitizer one last time. If it isn’t in stock, the saga continues.

Good times, right?  The Capsule Pharmacy app, launched this week for the NYC market with sights set nationally, aims to take the pain out of the prescription game altogether.  Capsule Pharmacy is a game changer in that the app and your doctor do most of the work through electronic filing; you simply sit back and wait for your prescription to be delivered to you – with no added cost. The app accepts insurance and you know upfront what you need to pay.  In fact, your co-pays remain the same and delivery is free. This should be the way it works.

capsule app


How it works:
Capsule Pharmacy relies on awareness of patients and doctors to e-file prescriptions to drive the service.  Instead of calling into your local Walgreens, for example, your physician would instead electronically file your prescription with Capsule Pharmacy. For refill of existing prescriptions, take a photo of your medication via the app – or – provide your doctor or pharmacy name to have Capsule make the contact directly, taking you out of the picture. The company uses its 25th street location in Chelsea to fill inventory and then sends it directly to you, within 2 hours. Capsule Pharmacy couriers arrive via bicycle, bus or subway, and are “fully insured full-time employees who undergo rigorous background checks and training, including the DOT Commercial Bicyclist Safety Course and HIPAA security training,” according to the website. Delivery is free. Nice perks include medication flavoring (bubblegum, cherry and watermelon), discreet, tamper sealed packages and the ability to message your pharmacist with questions inside the app. Doctors can even keep tabs on whether patients have filled or refilled their prescriptions, keeping them more aware of their health outside of office visits.

For early adopters:

NYC residents can download the app here. Available only on iOS now. After proof of concept, the company hopes to expand nationally with the help of venture funding and the expertise of a seasoned VC executive and a pharmacist at the helm.