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What I Learned From Buying Crypto For The First Time

If you watch business news or are active on Twitter, it is impossible to ignore cryptocurrency frenzy.  The hype, the commiserating and even the camaraderie around Bitcoin, Etherium and others have created FOMO in even the most cautious of investors. 


Understanding the Metaverse, Crypto and NFTs

With Facebook’s rebranding to Meta last year, the world was conceptually introduced to the metaverse: a futuristic world knocking on the doorstep of the mainstream. As companies like Amazon, Nvidia and even Wal-Mart ready for the next phase of the

kids cyberbullying

With Cyberbullying On The Rise, How to Protect Kids Online

As screen time rises for children, so does the rate of cyberbullying. In fact, according to L1ght, hate between kids and teens during online chats has risen by 70% during the pandemic. While you can’t bully-proof your child, there are

vaccine passports

The Ins and Outs of Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passports are on the rise. What are they? How will they affect our “return to normal” and a future that includes unvaccinated populations? Both controversy and confusion are growing around the use of vaccine passports. The term “passport” conjures


4 Traits of Great Virtual Events, an Event Host’s Take

The pandemic has forced almost every industry to transform, including the events business. All events are virtual events now.  Before 2020, I spent much of my time criss-crossing the country, hosting events for leading organizations.  Last year, my business transformed


Shibani’s Holiday Tech Gift Guide – 2020 Edition

Tech is in the air this holiday gifting season. Being stuck at home has pushed us all into new realms of device use. We’re all gadget lovers now. Check out some of Shibani’s favorite useful and exciting tech ideas for

tik tok

Should You Quit TikTok?

With the political controversy and corporate tumult surrounding the Tik Tok app, is this a good time to part ways with it? The answer depends on your concern about the Chinese government gaining access to your information.

fake news

How to Spot Bots and Avoid Fake News

I woke up this morning confused about whether the adorable viral video of the two toddlers embracing may be fake. At first glance, it is not easy to decipher whether the President’s tweet or Twitter’s response is accurate. Both are