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Shibani's Picks

Best of CES 2020: A Few Of My Favorite CES Things

From foldable laptops to intelligent yoga mats, Shibani showcases the best gadgets and concepts from CES 2020. It’s the most wonderful time of the year —CES week!  Coming on the heels of the holidays every first week of January, CES is a tech lover’s paradise. With thousands of gizmos housed in 2.9m sq feet of space, there’s a lot to

kids alexa skills
Shibani's Picks

Alexa Skills Your Kids and Family Will Love

Did you know Alexa can play math games and read bedtime stories to your kiddos? I tested some of the most popular, kid-friendly Alexa skills that will keep your entire family entertained for hours. Alexa isn’t just about the music.

strong password
Shibani's Picks

10 Tips for Creating Strong Passwords and Staying Cyber Safe

Create a better, badder password. Why do you spend more time counting your steps than on creating a strong password? My guide with 10 tips to creating a strong password. My passionate take on passwords: While I was over at

waze parking
Shibani's Picks

Waze App Now Finds You The Best Parking Spot, Too

All praise Waze! Its updated “Where to Park” feature drives you directly to that primo parking spot closest to your destination. It’s not about the journey, but about your parking spot, as every driver knows! My Quick Take: My love

popslate second screen case
Shibani's Picks

PopSlate Turns the Back of Your Phone Into A Second Screen

It is the coolest “case” you’ll ever know.  Put the back side of your phone to work as an e-Reader, smartwatch & battery case all in one. Prevent the unnecessary flip of your phone forever with the popSlate 2. My

Shibani's Picks

Dream, Design and 3D Print Your Own Toys

Geppetto’s workshop has come to life! Users of all ages can dream, design and 3D print their own creepy crawlers or missing Monopoly pieces with the brilliant new ThingMaker 3D printer and design app. My Quick Take: “The keys to

Shibani's Picks

Citymapper: I Never Thought I Could Love A Mapping App So Much

For serious city transit users, mapping apps are a must. It took so long to mourn HopStop, am I right?  But thanks to Citymapper, I have my ultimate transport app. You get real-time routing, ability to share directions, the nearest

Shibani's Picks

Get Saucey Tonight With Booze Delivered To Your Doorstep

No more need for late night beer runs or lugging boxes of booze up your apartment on party night. Get the Saucey app and lucky So Cal residents can have alcohol delivered to your doorstep in 20 minutes. A win

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