National Technology Journalist, Lecturer and Professional Speaker

ShibaniOnTech is a unique destination for stories at the intersection of technology and daily life. The site is the creation of technology and business journalist Shibani Joshi, whose goal is to present only those tech products and stories that are “worth it” — the stuff that makes life easier, more stylish and fun.

Shibani has been tinkering with tech her entire life. Her love of tech began when she was 6 years old – the moment her fingers first touched the keyboard of the debut IBM PC, one that her tech-loving dad saved for months to purchase and drove to a different state to buy. That encounter sparked her love of ‘all things with screens,’ and had her gaming, taking apart gadgets and even in a C++ class before she was in high school.
Her love of the industry and belief in technology as a catalyst for good followed her into her professional work.
Prior to launching ShibaniOnTech, Shibani covered technology as the dedicated tech reporter at Fox Business Network (FBN) and Fox News Channel until 2013. 
Shibani’s tech experience began on the floor of the NASDAQ, where she reported on the biggest tech stories of the day. Her understanding of tech caught the attention of viewers, and she was given her own dedicated technology segment: “Joshi on Tech.”
She has conducted interviews with top tech CEOs and executives from companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Qualcomm, AT&T, Sony and eBay. She has also interviewed start-up executives from companies like Twitter, Square, Uber, Dropbox and Rent the Runway.
Shibani is a regular at CES and has covered other high-profile events such as the World Economic Forum, the Facebook IPO and the death of Steve Jobs. 
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