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What I Learned From Buying Crypto For The First Time

If you watch business news or are active on Twitter, it is impossible to ignore cryptocurrency frenzy.  The hype, the commiserating and even the camaraderie around Bitcoin, Etherium and others have created FOMO in even the most cautious of investors. 


Understanding the Metaverse, Crypto and NFTs

With Facebook’s rebranding to Meta last year, the world was conceptually introduced to the metaverse: a futuristic world knocking on the doorstep of the mainstream. As companies like Amazon, Nvidia and even Wal-Mart ready for the next phase of the

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6 Ways to Boost your Cybersecurity in the New Year

This week, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency warned consumers about “the worst cyber vulnerability in history.” This following the discovery of a technical flaw  in the widely used Log4j software, used by millions around the globe that could

kids cyberbullying

With Cyberbullying On The Rise, How to Protect Kids Online

As screen time rises for children, so does the rate of cyberbullying. In fact, according to L1ght, hate between kids and teens during online chats has risen by 70% during the pandemic. While you can’t bully-proof your child, there are

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Gardening Apps and Tech Tools for Growing Gardens Anywhere

Inspired gardening apps and tech tools to help grow the garden of your dreams – gloves optional.  I’ll admit that my thumbs are more geared for texting than gardening. So when my kids asked if they could start “growing stuff”

vaccine passports

The Ins and Outs of Vaccine Passports

Vaccine passports are on the rise. What are they? How will they affect our “return to normal” and a future that includes unvaccinated populations? Both controversy and confusion are growing around the use of vaccine passports. The term “passport” conjures