It is the end of cold calls as we know it.  Lean on Crystal’s digital tool, developed in a Harvard lab, to give you the digital EQ you need and coaching on how exactly to communicate with anyone based on his or her personality-type, even if they’re a complete stranger.

Feeling it out:

For anyone in the job market, in the communications or sales businesses or for anyone who needs to get across ideas in the workplace, yeah it is that broad, crafting effective communication is vital to success.  How many of us are left trying to interpret tone and meaning from emails from the boss that read something like: “let’s catch up this afternoon” (Reads more like: all morning long I will let you ponder over whether you will be getting fired, criticized, more work dumped on you or praised for something, effectively ruining your day).

What about those emails you trash without opening, because the subject lines are too generic “XYZ grad looking to network” or needy “can I have 5 minutes of your time?” What a waste for the author who spent time and effort crafting that email that goes straight to the junk folder.

Enter Crystal, a new digital communications tool that gives you tips on how to tailor your emails and talk to effectively to reach the person on the other side based on internet data like LinkedIn profiles and tweets, personality traits and even feedback from peers, increasing your chance for a successful outcome.

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The art of communication:

Started in the Harvard Innovation Lab, Crystal “analyzes public data to tell you how you can expect any given person to behave, how he or she wants to be spoken to, and perhaps more importantly, what you can expect your relationship to be like.”

Crystal goes through 64 profile types to figure out how to best talk to the person on the other side using the web, personality tests and feedback from those who use Crystal in your network. It tells you exactly what the other person wants to hear, to greatly increase your chances for a successful exchange, whether a phone call, meeting or email response.

One of the best features that Crystal has is an in-Chrome email assistant that will, similar to auto correct, give you suggestions on how to improve your email draft to anyone whether it be a cold call email or your girlfriend. Consider it a tool to greatly increase the chance your emails get you the response you intend.

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Fine Print:

Crystal’s psychological intelligence comes in 3 tiers and at 3 different price points. The email assistant is the feature I liked the most, for its hand holding and tips on fine tuning, which runs $19/month.

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Getting an invitation is as simple as entering your email. And you can enjoy a free 2 week trial upon sign up.

Get it here:

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