Moving apartments just got a whole lot less sucky. Search for a moving company with a Priceline-like service to ensure the best deal, pack up your stuff in green crates that save you time and tape, and start it all with a new app that has your dream apartment finding YOU and not the other way.

It’s just the stuff of urban living.  Moving, packing, apartment searching.  In fact, during my 12 years of living in NYC, I moved 10 different times.  10. And each and every move was excruciatingly painful, expensive and just plain overwhelming. So I present you 3 fabulous moving-centric tools to make getting from Apt. A to Apt B (or Apt. X) smoother.

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1. Don’t mess with mover quotes and guesstimates. Take your move online – simply type in where, when and what you’re moving on Unpakt and get guaranteed quotes.

We search for hotel rooms via aggregator sites and read Yelp reviews to gauge dining options, so why not do something similar with moving quotes? Unpakt does just that in a way that makes dealing with moving companies a little less shady.

Using Unpakt is easy and fast, simply enter in your move details and the site helps you create what it calls an “inventory list.” It is basically a packing list of the stuff you have to help curate a move plan. You can add in additional services like multiple stops, white glove unpacking, insurance, etc. You know, all those scintillating moving details.  From there, moving companies bid on your job. This can happen in 5 minutes or less. You get guaranteed estimates, no ballpark figures or hourly rates. Just one price.

Want to dig in to make sure you’re not getting scammed?  A nice added feature is user reviews of moving companies to make sure it isn’t all hype. Unpakt works with major movers in most major cities.

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2. Ditch the moving tape. Save time and money. Never go through the pain of breaking down boxes again. The next generation of moving boxes is here with Jugglebox plastic bins.

East-coast based Jugglebox has already taken some of the stress out of being a New Yorker with their new delivery system of plastic boxes.  Ahead of your next move, get on Jugglebox’s site to order the number of boxes you need (order based on number of bedrooms; university students get an extra break), set a delivery date and the crates are delivered straight to your home or office and picked up when you’re done. A 2 bedroom package runs $184 and you can add on dollies, wardrobe boxes and plastic wrap starting at about $10.

If reusing a box that contained someone else’s unmentionables causes a shiver up your spine, not to worry. Boxes are delivered clean and disinfected to your home and then picked up at your final destination.

This is not only a greener option to traditional moving, but also cheaper. The company says Jugglebox costs you about 50% less than cardboard boxes.

You may be shocked to hear that Americans could save 122 MILLION trees each year if they used reusable plastic bins instead of cardboard for residential moving. Jugglebox declutters your life and the planet.

Currently only available in the New York/New Jersey metro area.

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3. Get in on this app first. The promise grows for hot new startup, Janther, which promises that instead of YOU finding your next apartment, let your dream apartment WILL FIND YOU

If the promise of Janther materializes, there will be no more need to scour a dozen site or feel the need to cheat on your broker.  Janther, accepting invitations to its beta release, will be taking the search out of your apartment search with its pilot app, to automate your apartment hunt by scraping all the sites you normally do to find an apartment and deliver it to you in an automated fashion.

It is the lazy-yet-brilliant person’s way to find an next apartment.  No need to troll 8 different sites in a panic.  According to launch details, all you have to do is describe you ideal location, price details and size.”Whenever an apartment gets posted online (on Craigslist, brokerages and more), your message is automatically sent to the person who posted that apartment, along with a link to invite you to view the apartment at a time you said you’re available. Just click “Accept” or “Decline” to accept or decline an invitation to view an apartment.”

If you plan to be in the apartment hunting market in 2015, sign up for this app today.

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