Never waste time fighting parking tickets again thanks to this buzz-worthy app.  With Fixed, simply snap your parking ticket and let their team do the dirty work to get you off the hook.  Currently in San Francisco only, but coming to a city near you. So sign up now!

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My Quick Take:

This is an Uber-like game changing, time saving, why-didn’t-I-think-of-this-myself app. The Fixed app takes the effort out of contesting parking tickets and lets their concierge team do it for you. The app checks for common errors and then writes a letter to the city on your behalf.  It even goes one step further and look into Google Street View to see if there’s proper signage where you got the ticket.

There’s a small cost if you lose your fight and winning tickets pay 25% of the fine. There is little cost to just TRY to fight the ticket, so you have little to lose. The service bets on 50% of tickets getting dismissed. Let them deal with the hassle.

What it is:

The service is simple.  To get set up, get on the waitlist first to get the app and then upload relevant information like your credit card number and even your car’s license plate.  The app can proactively monitor for any ticket you may get and fight them automatically with their new Ticket Guardian feature.

Then wait for the right time to put it to use.  Simply:

Get a parking ticket.  Snap a picture and upload it to Fixed within 14 days. If you successfully beat the ticket, you pay a “success fee” = to 25% of the fine and losing claims pay a small convenience charge.

Fine Print:

The waitlist to get on this service is THOUSANDS long.  According to Tech Crunch, Fixed is handling about 700-800 tickets a week – or about $4m worth of annual parking fines – and has a small network of advocates, that is growing.  The service is only available in San Francisco, where it is beating tickets just 20% of the time, so it isn’t a home run option.

But the company just raised $650k and is expanding to Oakland next and plans to open up violation types beyond just parking tickets. This month the services comes to Los Angeles and then New York and Chicago are the next target markets.  An Android app was launched this week.

Get It Now:

Sign up now here at Fixed