Quit wasting that pricey gym membership and instead hit some of the hottest fitness classes in any neighborhood.  Class Pass lets you be a member of every gym and won’t drain your motivation or wallet.

My quick take:

Experts say the best way to a fit body is constant challenge and changing your work outs regularly.  So why are you on the treadmill so much? Or are you the exact opposite?  Footing the bill for that $180/month Equinox membership and using it purely for the steam room and to meet chicks in the juice bar?  Class Pass lets you quit your gym and be a member of every gym (or like 100s of gyms, actually).

What it is:

Here’s how it works, for $79-99 bucks a month (price varies by city and you can cancel at any time, unlike the real gym) you can join Class Pass and get unlimited access to a thousand boutique fitness classes that are part of the network, new studios are added weekly. In the mood to sweat? Simply log on and view the classes in your area – you can filter your search by class time, type of class, neighboorhood, etc.  This option brings every fitness class to you, at any time and wherever you may be.

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Reserve a class by logging on or going onto the app clicking on one of the venues, and then selecting the class you would like to attend. Press the “reserve” button next to the class and confirm your reservation, and you’ll be added to the list! You do not need to bring a voucher or any proof – just bring a photo ID.

Part of the fun is exploring all the crazy fitness classes you could try with no commitment in the comfort of strangers – aerial yoga anyone?

A new app updates allows you to search for classes ONLY at your favorite studio, so you don’t have to sort through barre classes if you’re looking for boxing. You can also get additional insider info on whether the studio has showers, requires water in class and even what the attire is, including a shoes on or off policy – which is SO helpful.

A nice perk of the service is that if you’re on the road for work, you can totally use this service in any town where the network is available (currently 9 cities). Love Fly Wheel in NYC?  Try it in Los Angeles. In San Francisco, I found almost 50 options to choose from – we’re talking about spinning, barre, kettle bell classes, boxing, core workouts, yoga – practically fitness class you can imagine.

Class pass fitness gym


Fine Print:

Here’s a tip – if you’re at all interested and want to try the service, sign up to get your invitation and then skip the 48 hour invitation window and wait for additional deals to show up.  Within one week, I got an invitation for a $10 unlimited trial offer for a week and another offer for 2 months for the price of 1 offer.

While it looks like there are unlimited options, some classes are really popular and spots will fill up quickly. So if you’re dying to get into Crossfit 213 at 3pm, then book it a week in advance.  If you need to cancel, just do so within 24 hours to avoid a $15 fee.

You can technically cancel membership at anytime or put your membership on hold for $19, and you still get one class during each month you hold…sweet!

While members can take as many classes per month as they’d like, you can only visit the SAME studio up to 3 times per month.

Get it now: