Let’s face it, sometimes the gadgets in our lives can make us feel more frustrated and not in control.  I found 3 new tech products that I swear will change your life in the oddest of places – in the rain, on a plane and on your sofa.

1. Consider this the last umbrella you will ever buy.  For $79, trust me, you can’t afford to lose this and thanks to the technology inside, this umbrella won’t let you lose it.
The Davek Alert Umbrella has technology inside it that basically creates an electronic leash so you don’t go too far without it.  Yes, your umbrella will talk to you.

Out with a Kickstarter campaign right now, Davek Alert Umbrella’s little secret is a tiny Bluetooth chip (powered by an ordinary coin cell battery with a 1-2 year life) in the handle of the umbrella that sends a signal to your phone, letting you know where it is.  When you get more than 30 feet away, you get an alert. Its an invisible leash to your umbrella.

To use, download the app (available for iOS and Android), hold the umbrella near the phone to set it up and establish connection.  The app tells you the weather forecast too.

Even without the electronic capabilities, this is one strong umbrella.  It has a steel, aircraft-grade aluminum frame and 190-thread count fiber for the tightest weave available and a water repellant treatment that makes this a just plain strong umbrella.

Get it now: $79 Order on Davek’s Kickstarter Page

2. The suitcase that weighs itself, charges your devices and can even meet you home in an Uber. Bluesmart introduces luggage that is wicked smart.

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.28.30 PM

Bluesmart recently launched a new category of luggage that will make any road warrior drool. A piece of smart luggage that is so light (8.5 lbs) and carry-on sized but has features that are so crazy cool, everyone will want this.

Some of the features include:
– A digital scale in the handle that when you lift, weighs the bag for you
– A battery inside to charge all your devices (leave the chargers at home)
– The ability to lock and track your bag with an app
– FAA/TSA cleared features

Now the smart folks at Bluesmart are taking the ridiculousness even further.  Announcing a new partnership with UBER for a lost luggage concierge service. When bags are lost or rerouted, Bluesmart customers can opt to have their bags delivered home via an UBER car FOR FREE to bring it to their hotel or home, instead of waiting hours for the airlines to deliver it to you.  A member of Bluesmart’s concierge team will work with the airline to verify the bag and get it to you.  The company also working with UBER to automatically locate an UBER car for you upon arrival, if you chose it.

This promises to be an amazing “bag.”

Get it now: Pre order your Bluesmart for $299

3. Turn your smartphone into the only remote control you need for your living room with Blumoo

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 9.16.01 PM
I love this product because my house is littered with remote controls for my Sonos, A/V receiver, my Samsung TV and my Direct TV box.  Even with my fancy Logitech universal remote, I need several remotes on hand in case something goes awry (which is does a lot).  Blumoo to the rescue!

Pop this sleek little unit on a shelf (it is teeny at just 2” wide and 3” tall and less than a pound) and just plug in the ports and it takes 2 minutes or less to set your system up. Then create individual buttons or tabs for each of your remotes that you’re replacing to create a virtual remote control station. Blumoo has the ability to control over 225,000 different devices from 5,000 brands. So chances are, it can handle yours, as long as it has an infrared sensor.  While super easy to control, however, users do complain of
some latency between pushing buttons and results on the screen.

What’s great about this is the range of remotes it will replace: Indoor, outdoor speakers, satellite tv, cable tv, OTA broadcast, HDTVs, Audio receivers

A nice added bonus is the ability to control and put streaming music on your devices phone or tablet into the controller.

Get it now: $99 at Blumoo.com