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Coin at the cafe
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Forget Amex Black. Coin is the New “IT” Card

Coin is the all-in-one credit/debit/rewards card that will leave your wallet lighter and make paying with that gift card your sister gave you for Christmas (2 years ago) much more likely. It’s not Amex Black but it’s the new techie black.

Secret App - Speak freely and share with your friends.
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Secret Is the Hot New App for Silicon Valley Voyeurs

Overhear the inner thoughts of friends and connections. Get the dirty details on the Silicon Valley scene. Secret gives you a place to read and get off your chest what nobody wants to say out loud.

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Check: Handle Your Money with This Top-Rated Banking App

Pay your gym bill, your rent and your pal who paid for your entire group’s bar bill last night in a few swipes of your smartphone via Check’s secure app, all while you stand on line for coffee (necessitated by that enormous bar bill from last night, of course).

Peek travel app offers Perfect Days from tastemakers
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Peek: Travel Like a Rock Star on Your Next Vacay

Whether you’re traveling with the family, looking for romance, or joining the girls for a getaway, Peek lets you holiday like a pro. Create a choose-your-own-adventure vacation to wow that special someone or make you a hero to many.

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Is Google the Next Name in Contacts?

Google “lens” itself to new eyewear venture, and we’re not talking those geeky glasses that could get you beat up in San Fran.