Thanks to new strides in beauty virtual reality, women can accurately try on lipsticks and order them online with confidence through a new feature on the Pinterest app. With great tech and no filters, nothing stands between you and your next lip shade – no trip to the mall required.  

Living room trials

For most women, purchasing makeup online is a gamble. Unlike ordering shoes or clothing, there’s no trying on of lipsticks at home and returning those you don’t like. You’re stuck with anything you trial. 

That’s why the majority of lipstick and makeup purchases are made in a store.

I had some fun trying on lipsticks this morning using the Pinterest Try On feature. Unlike Snapchat or other apps, Pinterest’s is unfiltered, unglamorous and real – the perfect backdrop for purchasing beauty.

Beauty’s exemption from the online boom

“Just over 10% of total retail sales of health, personal care and beauty are made online, according to our estimates. By comparison, categories like consumer electronics and toys and hobby purchases will see roughly 39% and 32% of sales through online channels”

e-Marketer 2019 retail report

Women prefer a hands-on experience with beauty, allowing them to sample different brands, explore different shades and get hands-on assistance.

But thanks to Kylie Cosmetics and other online mega brands, shoppers are growing increasingly comfortable purchasing beauty online. For the rest of us, AR (augmented reality) comes in to fill in the gaps. 

Pinterest’s tech makes online beauty buying realistic

Some of the same tech that is being used to make video games more realistic is making purchasing lipstick more like a store experience.  Yes, AR is for all of us.

Thanks to new augmented reality, women can explore and test lipstick shades using the selfie-mode of their camera on the Pinterest app.  L’oreal and other brands have launched their own makeup apps that allow you to try on and test samples without puncturing packing. However, I like Pinterest’s better because there are no filters or enhanced effects (that make you look your best, unrealistic self and therefore cannot be fully trusted in telling you if a shade looks good). 

There’s no uploading of photos either.  Just open the camera on the Pinterest app and see yourself as you are. It is just you + the lipstick in the frame. You also get to try a wide variety of brands. If you like anything you sample, swipe up and purchase directly on the brand’s website.