I love giving gift cards for the holidays, but receiving…errr…not so much. I know I’m not alone. In fact, there were $1 billion in unused gift cards in 2014*. Enter some new gift card app solutions so you can (re)gift, donate or even sell those gift cards that are burning a hole in your wallet.

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1. Want an app to store and track all your gift cards in one place? Look no further than the Gyft App

Rather than lugging around all of those gift cards, simply upload them into the Gyft app and let it track your balances for you. Redeem gift cards online or pay in-store with your phone. Did you get a gift card that you didn’t want? With Gyft, you can always re-gift ones you won’t use by sending e-gift cards instead. Here, gift cards never go to waste!

Get it here: on iOS and Android

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2. Sell your unwanted gift cards to the Gift Card Granny, yes there is one, in what’s like the eBay for gift cards!

Got a $100 gift card to Cracker Barrel even though you live in lower Manhattan? Not to worry, the Gift Card Granny can take that off your hands.  GiftCardGranny.com is an online market place to buy and sell gift cards for cash.  It is the eBay for gift cards.

Sellers will take a hit (usually 10% or more) but that’s better than it collecting dust in your drawer.  Plus, you get cash back. You can also get a great deal on buying gift cards at a discount too.  For example, get a $15 AMC Theaters gift card for just $11.

Get it here: on iOS and Android

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3. Give that gift card to charity, to those who really could benefit from it.

“How many gift cards do you have sitting in your wallet?  We guess you have at least $5 of unused gift cards right now.  What’s 5 bucks going to buy you?  Maybe a pair of socks…but 10 people giving 5 bucks will buy a kid a winter coat.”

That’s the idea behind Gift Card Giver and the supporting organization that collects gift cards and gives them to people that really need them. The organization collects and distribute cards to appropriate Non-Profits and individuals that can use those cards to help others. Every gift has three references and is vetted through their process. This is a grass roots campaign.

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*Source: CEB TowerGroup