Always have a seat at the city’s hottest tables with Reserve’s restaurant concierge app to book your next meal and pay your bill when you’re done. No more waiting for the check!

My Quick Take:
For Open Table groupies, welcome to the next evolution in dining.  Reserve one-ups the competition with some creative features including curated restaurant suggestions, a concierge service that dials day and night to book you at the swanky new spot and even an option to split the bill with everyone at the table without pulling out any plastic. With the Reserve app, yes, you can browse for restaurant availability in top cities, but that’s so 2006. This is like having a personal concierge at your side, doing the research and leg work to get you a great meal.

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What it is:
Simply browse top restaurants working with Reserve, request a reservation based on a date and time that works for you and Reserve handles the details. Or enter in your party size, time and date and Reserve pulls up a hand selected list of ideas where you could dine.  Based on where you’ve eaten before, Reserve will suggest other restaurants that fit your palate profile, so you can discover new spots along the way.

Reserve’s payment features also eclipse the big players by eliminating the need to pull out your wallet or phone to pay the bill. Backed by an Uber co-founder, Reserve is trying to Uber-ize the restaurant business and make dining payment seamless. If you choose, you can have the check automatically billed to your credit card, including the tip. Dining with others?  Simply invite those attending in the app and the bill gets split evenly.  Either way, no more waiting for a check! For this feature, there is a fee charged of $5.

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Fine Print:

Currently, the app is only available in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and San Francisco, though it is expanding. Already, it has some tasty and notable establishments on its roster but is also growing their connections list too.  In New York, ABC Kitchen and Aldea are Reserve participants. In Los Angeles, fans of Bestia and Republique can book on Reserve too. So it does have some reputable names.

Fine dining comes with a price: a $5 booking fee every time you choose to auto pay, though booking tables is free.  Note that NOT showing up to a booking can be  costly though. Reserve charges customers who no-show $10-$25.

Get it Now:
Download the app available on iOS and Android at Reserve