It’s the beginning of a new year, which means it’s time for new tech and the Consumer Electronics Show. CES 2024 kicks off in Las Vegas this week It promises a glimpse of gadgets and gear that will move the industry needle – some for a moment, others for an eternity. Here’s a look at what themes to expect and few, fun items I handpicked. I’m also honored and excited to participate as a judge for this year’s CTA Hall of Fame Awards.

AI is fueling innovation

Unsurprisingly, AI is fueling growth at this year’s show with more attendees, exhibitors and exciting new innovation in every sector. Companies in the food, car and even beauty space will show up with AI-enhanced innovation. Some of the notable standouts that won CES Innovation Awards this year include:

Bosch’s AI-powered gun detection system for school safety

Germany’s Bosch, won a CES award for its technology designed to detect persons and brandished guns (86.7% true positive rate under pre-defined conditions*) in order to reduce reaction time in hazardous situations. This technology could be a game-changer in detecting firearms at schools and in public spaces. The Gun Detection System from Bosch is the first to pair video and audio AI to prioritize proactive security and safety. The near-invisible system offers a multi-layered approach to elevate security and safety of campuses, while enabling a smooth, frictionless flow and welcoming atmosphere that promotes learning. All computations are carried out on-edge, with no video data being required to leave the camera.

LG’s Zero home labor AI robot

LG is envisioning a future with zero home labor with the help of robots. LG’s smart home AI agent is the first step towards this vision. The AI agent is able to navigate the home independently on two wheels with robotic, AI and multi-modal technologies that enable it to move, learn, comprehend and engage in complex conversations. This AI agent connects with and controls smart home appliances and household IoT devices. The AI agent can even act as a pet monitor and security guard, providing users with the ability to see and care for their pets remotely and sending alerts if any unusual activity is detected. It alerts you if you leave open window or any lights. Additionally, it can help conserve energy by connecting with a smart outlet and turning off unused devices throughout the house.

When the user returns home, the AI agent greets them at the front door, discerns their emotions by analyzing their voice and facial expressions, and selects music or other content to suit their mood. It also assists users in their daily lives by providing transportation details, weather updates, personal schedules, or reminders to take medications.

Smart mirrors to forecast your style

Another CES Innovation award winner, Mirart AI Mirror not only predicts your ideal look but reshapes beauty salons into thriving smart businesses. Unveil your future look before any cut or style. The AI-driven mirror crafts the perfect hair design, preserving your original look. It’s user-centric and eco-friendly, easily attachable without altering shop interiors. Experience tailored style suggestions, diverse hair colors, and lengths. Face ID enhances convenience, while the mirror showcases your before and after styles. This innovation wants to reshaping salon experiences for the smart city era.

Sevvy smart cooker, enabling healthy, sustainable and fast cooking & baking

Sevvy is a Netherlands-based food technology company which created a technology that enables healthy, sustainable and fast cooking & baking. With this patented technology, it is possible to prepare food without baking fats and use up to 50% less salt and sugar — and 90% less electricity.

Using patented pulsed electric field-based & ohmic heating technology for fast food preparation at low temperatures, you get cooked fresh ingredient meal preparation within minutes. Sevvy says its food retains 40% more nutrients, has less salt & sugars and no baking fats needed for tasty results. It reduced food waste through exact cooking controls, so there’s no under or overcooking of meals. Healthy eating has never been easier.

Watercube created fresh water using renewable water from air technology

The Genesis WaterCube is the world’s first IoT-enabled home & office appliance that sustainably supplies all of a person’s fresh water needs from air. WaterCube Systems are designed to utilize renewable energysuch as solar or conventional sources, to extract fresh water directly from air. The company has developed a portfolio of patented technologies that can revolutionize several life sustaining commodities. Its mission is to increase economic, political and social stability where water is a constraining factor. It will debut its product this year at CES.