It’s the personal, virtual assistant who works weekends, dials into your conference call for you, remembers your mom’s birthday, gives you traffic updates…AND won’t make your girlfriend jealous.  EasilyDo app is a virtual assistant for those who need an app to do it all.

My Quick Take: 

There are lots of tools out there including using the full power of  Siri or the “trigger” service of  IFTTT to simplify our busy lives, but, let’s face it, being organized is hard work. Frankly, there are just too many apps out there that I need to get through my day. A check of my calendar, tracking a UPS package, getting my boarding pass or remembering to send a note to a friend on her birthday all require more effort than I’d like.

Enter EasilyDo.  The virtual assistant app that does what you want a work secretary to do…for your entire life.  This app has over 6,000 five star reviews on both Google Play and the Apple App Store and is a winner when it comes to being able to simplify steps in your life.

virtual assistant

What it is:

EasilyDo is like a gazillion apps rolled into one. After downloading the app, you need to give it access to your accounts – email, Facebook, your calendar – basically anything you want it to automate.  From there it gets busy showing you how it can work to save you a few minutes of your life by handling routine tasks for you – there are 37 automated functions it can get to work at immediately.

In one organized place, it automates the things we all do everyday from checking the weather or traffic, to tracking a UPS package or scheduling a meeting.

Some of the fabulous things the free version can do includes:

• Event Alerts: Get an alert when it’s time to go to an event with estimated drive time and parking

• Conference Calls: Dial into conference calls and view attendees’ LinkedIn profiles

• Itineraries: Add flights to your calendar

• Social: Sync your Facebook profile photo to Twitter- Keeps an eye on your commute home with an estimate of time

• Track packages: Know exactly where your FedEx or UPS package is at all times

• Accounting: File receipts (and save to Evernote)

• Calendar: Create calendar events automatically for meetings you have agreed to in email

• Sends birthday greetings and gifts via Facebook or email

The Fine Print:

This is a whopper of an app and it can be overwhelming at first to get to know all of its horsepower, so know that ahead of time.  The free app does enough for my needs. But for those who need extra functionality around contact management, pay for the premium app. You can merge duplicates, create backup contact lists and more.

Another downsides includes being a data hog.  One user wrote:

“Helpful but would like a little more control. Would otherwise give it 5 stars. Also, it’s a bit of a data hog, so I only run on Wi-Fi.”

Get it here:

Available on Android and iOS