It is the coolest “case” you’ll ever know.  Put the back side of your phone to work as an e-Reader, smartwatch & battery case all in one. Prevent the unnecessary flip of your phone forever with the popSlate 2.

My Quick Take:

How many of us are engaged in the endless phone flip to see and “unsee” alerts on your phone?  Well, turn no more.  PopSlate 2 combines function, 9 hours of extra power and protection all in a nifty case that adds an entirely new dimension to your phone: a new screen. Now with PopSlate 2, see ONLY what you want to see: boarding passes, weather, your calendar, the latest March Madness scores – you name it. The display is always on and always unlocked.


What It Is:

After tinkering with its debut model, PopSlate 2 is a much better product with a unchanging creative root: turning that wasted 50% of your phone space into something useful. It is part protection and part spare battery (9 hours) along with a brand new visual display for your phone.  Available for the iPhone 6 models, the newly updated popSlate fixed what early backers complained loudly about: thinner, 0.16″ thickness, compatibility with the Apple lighting charger and better software, amongst many other tweaks.

The display is a higher resolution, e-ink display, meaning it will be black and white and is shatter proof.  But the display always remains on, displaying whatever you choose to see. Newly created navigation buttons allow you to move between displays.  Simply use the popSlate app to customize. Read an e-book, keep track of loyalty cards, see your Twitter feed at a glance.  The possibilities are endless and revolved around what is important to you.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 9.39.35 AM

Fine Print:

As with all Indiegogo campaigns, backers run the risk of ideas not materializing.  However, since popSlate has released a previous version, the chances of that are slimmer.

Get It Now:

Available here via Indiegogo campaign for $79 plus S/H, expected to ship later this summer when it will go on sale for $149. The popSLATE 2 is available in black and white for the following iPhone models: 6, 6+, 6S, 6S+. Color options and sizes will be chosen at the end of the campaign via a backer survey.