Vape pens are being scrutinized for their unknown, serious side effects. But new technology could use e-cigarettes for the power of good – to help smokers quit smoking. 

This week, the state of Massachusetts initiated a 4-month ban on all vaping product sales, as the dangers of vaping to both adults and young people come into increasing focus.  Over 500 people have been diagnosed with vaping-related illnesses this year. Yet the vape market is expected to grow by 25% over the next 5 years, which means public health concerns could continue to rise.  

On the horizon: A twist on the vape pen

Newark-based Hale is trying to use the vape pen for good. The company is developing new technology that allows those who want to quit smoking to use their vape pen to do so. 

Through its patent-pending design and a tech-based app, the Hale systems works to track and deliver controlled amounts of nicotine to the user, with the goal of gradually reducing consumption over time. 

How it works:

According to the company website, a smoker uses the Hale device as they normally would a cigarette or e-cigarette. She can smoke whenever she wants and in any amount. Unlike a standard vape pen, the Hale one is connected to the Hale app. On it, her usage is tracked and the amount of nicotine that is delivered is controlled. The idea is that the amount of nicotine will gradually reduce over time, which helps reduce withdrawal symptoms and decreases relapse rates. 

In a recent Tech Crunch interview, the founders explained:

“What we do is we separate nicotine from the other compounds. We reduce the nicotine as we leave the other oils the same. Over time we reduce the nicotine and increase the clean oils and we get them to zero percent.”

Some of the features on the device include: a market-leading battery life, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, an operating LED strip indicator, 2-sided grip for comfort, sleek aluminum surface and companion app to track usage, enabling people to battle nicotine addiction. The device is currently seeking FDA-approval.

With over 1 billion smokers globally, nicotine de-addiction solutions like Hale seem a valuable player in the landscape.