It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It is almost time for the most influential event in tech, the international Consumer Electronic show, or CES 2023. Every January, the world’s biggest brands do business, meet new partners, and showcase new products in every aspect of the tech sector.

Watch Shibani’s CES 2023 sneak peak with the CTA:

I recently conducted a webinar with the Consumer Technology Association, the owner and producer of CES, along with Cision, to bring to our audience a sneak peak of what to expect at CES 2023.  Here are some takeaways from the full webinar which you can access here (simply sign up with your email and get free access to the 1 hour event) from the event producer itself. See you at CES 2023!

CES 2023 Key Stats:

Source: Consumer Technology Association

CES 2023’s 4 Key Themes:

As Shibani learned in her discussion with CES event organizers, the CTA, and Cision, this year’s event will focus on four key innovation areas: 

  1. Automotive and mobility – this is the biggest automotive show at CES yet. There will be nearly 300 exhibitors, according to the CTA’s Jamie Kaplan. The industry is using CES to launch cars and focus on land, sea and air mobility. This year, BMW and Stillantes are doing keynotes, as well. The focus will be on key tech and software players in the sector and mobility solution providers. As Cision’s Camille Rollason told me, the industry has a “potential to act as a trailblazer” with innovative, futuristic developments through lens of human security. We will see advancements on ideas like data protection for connected cars, privacy for autonomous vehicles and ways the industry is protecting the environment. 
  2. Digital health – this will be a large area of the show again this year, according to the CTA. The focus will be on how tech is solving business problems, providing greater access and improving outcomes to healthcare.  Abbott Healthcare is a large exhibitor with one product that stimulates the spinal cord to help with pain. SK Biopharmaceuticals will share its wearable glasses to help detect and and monitor when someone is having seizure.  We will continue to see remote patient monitoring a theme, as well as giving the everyday person greater access to their health care data.
  3. Metaverse and Web3 – Both Cision and CTA see two important shifts at this year’s CES event: how to get Web3 out of the hands of very few and how to enhance privacy aspects. For the first time, there will be a dedicated area for the Metaverse, according to Kaplan. Hardware will have its own dedicated space, too. Companies like OVR, a company that has created a goggle to create a sensory experience allowing smell in the Metaverse, will showcase. Also, larger brands, like Microsoft, will be making Web3 and Metaverse announcements in their exhibitions. The show is also partnering with Coindesk for programming at a Web3 studio.
  4. Sustainability- the theme will show up in a few different ways, according to the CTA’s Jamie Kaplan.  First, brands will showcase values around sustainability through their exhibitions on the show floor. Secondly, many will launch new products with sustainable solutions. Jamie says there will be several products on making your home more sustainable, more energy efficient and even with cleaner water. John Deere launched an autonomous tractor last year at the show. This year, the company’s CEO will be making a keynote, speaking about food security
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