Some of the best taskmaster apps to help you chip away at that expanding to-do list of yours. Thanks to virtual personal assistant apps, you can practically clone yourself and get stuff done!

I was recently talking to a close friend about her never-ending to-do list for family, home and herself. How many of us can relate to being overwhelmed by checklists that are never fully completed?  Ever thought you could easily access best-in-class expertise for your work? With some heavy-lifting freelance assistant apps, you can get the extra set of hands you need to tick every last item off your list.

1.  From assembling IKEA furniture to organizing your computer hard drive, Task Rabbits help get your to-do list done

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When I moved apartments in New York City, Task Rabbit was my savior service. I needed help handling a handful of tasks that I found mundane but necessary to complete.  Part of my to-do list read: digitize entire CD collection, create adorable scrapbook with kids art and cards, sell old furniture on Craigslist, etc..  Thanks to the help of some awesome Task Rabbits, all those items were crossed off with little effort on my part and done with the level of excellence I demand.  Almost any mundane but necessary task can be outsourced to a Task Rabbit in minutes.  The process is simple: Simply select from a list of popular tasks, such as –

  • Delivery and Shopping
  • Computer Help
  • General Help (waiting in line, personal assistant, arts & crafts)
  • Handyman (furniture assembly, mounting, etc.)

Enter in information about your job. After selecting a Tasker, you can chose people who are rightly skilled for your task. Select an appointment time and do all of your communication and payment inside the app.    Rates vary but are in the range of $22-$45/hour based on market, skill and service requested. Promo codes  are always available. Entrepreneurs trying to conduct research for a small business can sign up for TaskRabbit to determine the demand., as a savvy way to test their ideas.

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2.  Need your own personal assistant or just a Pro for a day? Upwork delivers virtual skilled help in a flash

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We could all use the help of an assistant on occasion for things like research for a business idea, price comparison on new cars or even help with birthday party location ideas.  Even better than personal assistants, virtual assistants can help with tasks that require more expertise on a pay as you go basis without the awkward run-ins at the office water cooler.  Hiring a virtual assistant requires more involvement, because you search for skill, read customer reviews and conduct interviews. But once you have one selected, his or her potential is unlimited because anything you can do on a computer, can be done through a freelance assistant.  Work diaries allow you to see snapshots of your freelancer’s screen.  Confidentiality agreements keep details private, while terms of service ensure you own the rights to their work. Fraudulent applicants can pop up, so do your research to ensure you are working with legitimate candidates.

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3.  For every job in between, visit FIVErr – a mega market for online goods and services

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Quality is sacrificed for quantity here, in my opinion. But to my liking, the vast array of work you can outsource here that you never thought about outsourcing previously. Do you want a t-shirt design made? Have you ever wanted a personal meal plan made just for you? Need a smart person to help you with business plan or PowerPoint presentation? Simply to go and sift through the Walmart of freelance services.

Fiverr boasts over 3 million listings for digital products and services.  Using the site is easy. Once you find the “gig” you seek, read through the description of the services offered and view the seller’s work samples, if available. If you would like to make a purchase, just proceed to checkout and pay.

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Honorable mention: Red Butler

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Red Butler is a more sophisticated and structured virtual assistant service. With roots in the concierge business, this is high class, end-to-end solution for businesses, families or entrepreneurs. Get help with everything from making travel reservations to getting support for marketing initiatives.  Hulu and Beats by Dre call themselves customers. Plans start at $150/month.
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