Take note Snapchat and WhatsApp fans. If you’re serious about security in a private messaging app, time to find out what the Bleep is all about.

People are talking (not that we would know) about Bleep. Social networks are good for broadcasting to the world but when it comes to messaging text and pictures, its time to go off the network grid and go private.  Though there are a lot of options of there for private messaging apps including Snapchat, WhatsApp and even Kik, but if you’re serious about security, look no further than Bleep.

I talked about Bleep on a recent segment on Huffington Post Live segment – watch at around the the 32 minute mark

What it is: 

Released by the file sharing giant, BitTorrent, Bleep operates on the premise that privacy is paramount in the world of private messaging apps.  Nothing is stored on the cloud (unlike Snapchat which makes it susceptible to hacks), which means there’s no way to get access to what you’ve written or read, nothing in between you and your end user.  It sets a new bar for privacy in the world of private messaging. Check out a clip on how it works:

Some of the key features that sets this private messaging app apart:
– Can toggle between Normal and “Whisper” mode (basically normal and stealth mode)
– Nothing is ever stored on a cloud, so your conversations are not hackable (unlike on Snapchat, Facebook, etc.)
– After 25 seconds the message, picture, text vanishes after been seen – poof!
– Bleep disguises username when the content is visible or the content when the username is visible. Personally identifying info is in some way disguised
-Sign up with just a nickname – no email, phone number or identifiable info (if you don’t want to). To find friends more easily though, put in that info so others can find you or share your nickname with them
-There’s also a free calling service which is encrypted end-to-end

The Fine Print:

The company tells me: “Bleep’s appeal is true privacy. Your private conversations, your private moments, should remain private. And there should not be a trade off between privacy and convenience. “ – Company spokesperson

But for that privacy, there are some kinks which user reviews moan:

“This really is a beta release on iOS with many UI issues and bugs.”

” The audio calls are glitchy”

While another user writes:

“The security it allegedly provides deserves 4 stars on its own.”

How does Bleep compare to the big guys?  Check out this grid of features.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 1.36.37 PM

Where to Get It:

Get it here. Available on iOS, Android. Windows and MAC