No more need for late night beer runs or lugging boxes of booze up your apartment on party night. Get the Saucey app and lucky So Cal residents can have alcohol delivered to your doorstep in 20 minutes. A win for your party and a win for your safety = win win.

My Quick Take:

Thanks to the Saucey App, you can forget about that separate trip to BevMo to supply party libations. No need to haul big bottles, cram booze in your car or worry about ice melting in your car.  With the Uber of alcohol, Saucy delivers everything you need for your party to your doorstep, for a slightly premium price in around 20 minutes. You can also get added amenities including ice, a pint of Chunky Monkey and needed mixers. LA residents can even hire a bartender with just a swipe, at a price cheaper than what a catering company would charge.

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What It Is:

The answer to late night beer runs (and late night run-ins with law enforcement) is here with Saucey. Launched in So Cal, the app provides beer, wine, liquor and an assortment of other products including mixers and snacks to your doorstep in an easy app experience.  Everything is paid for in the app and company uses its own high-quality delivery gals and dudes (rumor is they are model-types) and you see their rating and photo when you check out in the app.  The company says average customer wait time is 20 minutes, satisfying for even the laziest drinkers out there. There are no additional delivery fees or even tipping necessary, pricing is very straightforward.

Fine Print:

Prices are definitely higher than what you’d find at Costco or even your local grocery store.  A bag of ice runs $5.75 and up and bottle of Patron Silver can run $61.50. But users rave about customer services, quick delivery times and great quality of experience.

Currently Saucey is only available in So Cal, but there are other booze delivery apps out there including Thirstie and Drizl

Saucey runs special deals for bartenders in the LA area, so be on the look out for that and boasts backers including Nick Jonas, who could just make a special appearance, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Get It Here:

Saucey is available on iOS and Android