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Inbox by Gmail is Still the Hottest Invite in Town

Move over Gmail, Inbox by Gmail has arrived into town. Google sends out previews to its invite-only “Inbox by Gmail,” an smart new email program that amps up what Gmail does. The future of email is here. What it is: If you want it,


Microsoft warns: Don’t open that PowerPoint presentation!

A new security flaw in Microsoft Windows could cause you to lose complete control of your computer just by clicking on a PowerPoint presentation. Here’s how to protect yourself. Front page news:  This is another d’oh moment from Microsoft that you don’t

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New Car Tech Eliminates Flat Tires Using Your Phone

FOBO Tire running one of the hottest Indiegogo campaigns right now. A new car tech tool that alerts you before your car or bike runs a flat tire. Yes you can…avoid flat tires forever! The Digital Deal:  Sure, car tech isn’t sexy.  But