Pay your gym bill, your rent and your pal who picked up the bar tab last night via Check’s secure app. And do it all in a few swipes of your smartphone while you stand on line for coffee (necessitated by that enormous bar bill from last night, of course).

Check - Summary and Payments Due

Quick Take

Being on top of your financial game is hot, but we all know it’s easier said than done. Check helps make you a multitasking genius by giving you one central place to monitor all your account balances, pay your bills, and see where your money is going, even while you’re in the back seat of a taxi. 

Add your financial accounts to the app once, and Check will alert you whenever you have bills due, are approaching credit limits or running low on funds. Check also tracks how much you are paying to each vendor and can even help you settle up with your buddy for those shady Vegas expenses that he covered last weekend using. Color coding for bill dates and an easy-to-use menu help make managing your money a breeze.

Most of the major banks, credit cards, credit unions, utilities – over 8,000 in total – are supported by this app. And the company boasts three levels of security, including the same measures your big banks use, which can help you get over the trust hurdle that naturally exists.

Why It’s a Pick

The recent update of this app made me take a look at it again, having been voted a Best App of 2013 on Google Play and with 10 million downloads to date. If you’re like me and generally distrust money apps, want the option of paying bills from a checking account or credit card, and annoyingly find yourself paying bills or people through half a dozen websites, this is a great app to help do everything in one place. In addition, Check offers built-in financial reports to help you understand how you’re spending and make smarter money decisions in the future.

The app is also FREE and doesn’t require any minimum account balances or activity, which means Check can help you sort out your financial life no matter how many – or how few – 000s you’re working with.

The Fine Print

This is not an app for procrastinators. Check charges a fee of $6.99 for any express payment in 2 days, so it’s not a cheap option for those who like or need to pay bills last minute because of cash crunches or otherwise. Also, there’s a $5.99 fee for check handling versus doing it for free at a bank.

Get It Now

Check is available both for iPhone on the App Store and for Android on Google Play. You can also visit to download the app or to learn more.

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