Gone are the days of the UPS post-it note. Now you’ll never have to worry about missing that last attempt or having to get all your personal packages delivered to the office.
Doorman delivers even when you're not home

Quick Take

Doorman is a subscription-based service that provides you with a physical address (different than your own) for having packages of any type delivered. When you are buying something online or over the phone, simply give your Doorman address as the shipping address, and they will notify you via text when your package arrives. Then, using an app, you schedule a time for Doorman to deliver the package to you at home.

Deliveries can be scheduled between 6pm and midnight, on any day of the week. Doorman accepts packages from USPS as well as all major carriers (FedEx, UPS, DHL, Airborne Express, etc.), and can sign for any packages that require it. While your packages are at your Doorman address waiting to be delivered, they are kept in secure depots, and all Doorman delivery drivers pass a background check and are insured.

Why It’s a Pick

Because not all of us live in buildings with an actual doorman, and who needs the hassle of running to the post office or FedEx to pick up those Prada heels that you searched high and low for online! With Doorman, gone are the fears of someone swiping that package off your doorstep or any delayed gratification.

The company also seems to go above and beyond to insure that their system doesn’t bring any new headaches into the process. There’s no charge to cancel or reschedule your deliveries, and Doorman will hold packages free of charge for up to 30 days ($0.50/package/day thereafter). The company also gives its drivers a bonus for each delivery, so you never have to stress about whether or how much to tip. And in the event that any package arrives damaged, Doorman will reimburse you for the full value.

Doorman tracks the status of all your packages

Doorman gives you a special address for your packages

The Fine Print

Of course service like this comes at a price. Doorman charges $7 per drop off, but that’s regardless of whether they are dropping off 5 or 15 boxes from Barneys. Delivery hours are 6pm-12am, so if you’re a morning person then this service is not for you. Also oversized packages (heavier than 40 lbs or longer than 3 feet on a side) may take longer to deliver or come with an additional (unspecified) fee.

Then there’s the obvious bummer that Doorman is currently available only in 3 dozen San Francisco zip codes – so New York shopaholics pace yourselves. In the meantime, unserved areas of San Francisco and elsewhere can get their instant gratification fix with the latest from Amazon Fresh and Google Shopping Express.

Get It Now

The Doorman app is available for iPhone and for Android. You can review pricing plans and sign up for an account at www.doorman.it.

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