Shibani has tech ideas to get you through the coronavirus quarantine – masterfully. Stay on top of work, health and life with the help of these digital ideas. 

It is both a blessing and a curse to be quarantined during the coronavirus outbreak.  In addition to increased safety, there will be less commuting, more time in PJs and unlimited family time.  If we are honest with ourselves, we know the next few weeks will have plenty of stressors.  

As you stock up on supplies and ready your home workspace, download these ideas to balance your mind, body and life during the coronavirus quarantine. 

Maintaining sanity is just as important as maintaining your toilet paper supplies. 

  1. Stay accountable for your health
corona quarantine

I am a generally less grumpy human when I work out consistently. Losing out on the balancing aspect of exercise and the socialization from group classes will be a big loss for me.  Staying active is a goal for me – and many of you – while quarantined.  

To increase success, I plan take advantage of free trials for exercise classes that give me a feeling of excitement, get me into new activities and replicate a feeling of being in a group class.  If you have ever wanted to try the Tracy Anderson Method, Peloton app or Obe Fitness – this is a great time to explore.  By setting an appointment for a live class, you increase the chance you will work out.  Set small goals of exercising 1-3 times a week and build on that success. Try the Being Me app to help with accountability (see #3 below).

Each site has a different trial period (from 2 weeks to a month), and you can simply cancel when it ends. You will be charged a membership fee after the trial ends if you do not cancel. 

If you are looking for YouTube-based options, try Yoga with Adriene  or short, 10-min HIIT workouts on the Adidas Women’s channel .

UPDATE: Yoga International has a free 30 day trial; Peloton’s trial is free for 90 days; Obe’ Fitness has a 30 day trial with code AT HOME.

2. Lean on e-learning resources to keep your kids busy

Some schools are implementing online learning programs during the coronavirus quarantine.  For many, parents are suddenly being thrust into the role of “home school teacher” for the next few weeks.  Use the web to help keep structure in your family’s day and keep kids educationally engaged. 

Khan Academy has been a gold standard in free online learning with the mission of providing educational support to kids in any arena – math, grammar, SAT prep, history and more. I have had the pleasure of interviewing the founder, Sal Khan, and believe he has built an amazing platform. Many families are turning Khan Academy right now. In fact, there is a step-by-step guide for parents signing up during the coronavirus quarantine. There are countless other online learning sites that are making themselves free right now, as well. Here’s a list.

Google Arts and Culture allows you to explore iconic locations – like museums and international monuments and sights via 3D tours.

Nasa has STEM resources for kids, as well.

3. Use this time to set new goals and chart your life

corona quarantine

Use this time to accomplish something other than work.  It could be cleaning out your garage or crossing off your to-do list.  This is also a good time to go deeper, reflect and set new goals for your life. 

The Being Me app is a great tool for this, using coaching tools to inspire introspection AND action. Being Me allows you to be your best self by leading you through reflective exercises to set goals. It supports you with journaling tools, reminders and accountability measures to support your reaching your goals (like exercising!). 

Remember that staying centered will be your greatest source of strength during the quarantine.  When you find yourself frustrated, bored or feeling isolated – take a break and reconnect.  Check out my recommendations for zen-apps for meditation and introspection to help.  

Stay healthy,