It is zen at your fingertips!  Let technology work for you to help create headspace and carve out time to be more grateful, fit and centered. Drop the to-do list for a moment! Take a break from being more productive, entertained and busy.  Download these and get still for a change. I promise, it is worth it.

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1. Gratitude Journal – Change your thoughts and change your life with this digital journal app stores all the stuff that makes you happy

Science proves that simple acts of daily gratitude can literally change your life over the course of a year. And while I like the idea of journaling, in reality, the need to fill blank pages in a book nags me more than inspires me.  So in comes this technology fix.

With my super adorable Gratitude Journal app, I set a timer everyday (9:48pm in my case) to remind me to log in to give my thanks.  You can lock the journal with a passcode, which I do, and slip right into the calendar where you click to enter your 5 happy thoughts for the day. In the same way I create reminders in bullet point form, I take a moment to reflect.  I jot down as many experiences and thoughts that made me happy that day, that I improved upon or want to cherish.  I can even “rate” my day, if I so choose (though that kind of defeats the purpose of the gratefulness exercise, if you ask me). Do this for 3 weeks and you have a more optimistic brain. Do it for 1 year and you have a happier life.  Sold.

$0.99 on iTunes

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meditation yoga fit zen app

2. The Chopra Meditation experience – is peace in your pocket.  Imagine having Deepak Chopra at your side during your meditation and giving you a pep talk based on what your life needs at that moment.  Its like that.  Serenity now! 

Let’s get real – there are a lot of stressors out there and never enough moments to check in and “center” ourselves.  Enter Deepak Chopra’s meditation app: Chopra’s Ananda App is a way to get some headspace anywhere you might be along with a positive, centering pep talk to inspire you in 484 different ways.

Its the Cadillac of meditation apps. Yes there are cheaper, simpler meditation apps out there, like Headspace. But this app is worth the price precisely for this: you get the exact pep talk you need in the exact amount of time you have at any moment of the day.

 Say you might be really angry at someone (like a spouse, ahem), fire up the app and toggle to the “Free to Forgive” meditation. Choose the amount of time you have (10 minutes to 2 hours) and sit back and relax and listen as someone talks you through letting it go. She says:

“Today is a good day to begin anew. Forgiveness closes a chapter on the past so that a new story rich in love, happiness and creativity can be written.”

Next comes quiet time to meditate and then the app closes it out with another positive narrated message.  Choose from 22 uplifting talks narrated by Deepak Chopra and his team about topics we all struggle with like family, following intuition and showing gratitude. Mix and match 22 meditations with 22 music tracks. This app takes away the fear of whether you’re doing it “wrong.”

Peace ain’t cheap: $2.99 each or $29.99 for all 22 meditations. Available on Android phones and iPhones.

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3. When you can’t hit the gym, keep moving with Sworkit Pro- a circuit training and yoga app that designs workouts for you, no equipment necessary. 

You’re going on week 6 in the Hamptons. You’re tired of being a road runner and aren’t up for another Barry’s Bootcamp class. But you want to work out. How about a 20 minute yoga session in your hotel room to unwind?  Sworkit allows you to work it out and sweat it out in all of these scenarios.

Sworkit allows you to choose between various workouts including strength training, yoga, cardio and pilates. Choose the type of work out, then the body part you want to focus on like core or lower body or go wild with the “anything goes” category. Choose the number of minutes up to an hour and then workout begins.

Simply press start and Sworkit displays the exercise to perform – kind of like a flashcard – and sets a timer. Sworkit Pro version gives you verbal cues (“downward dog”) so you don’t have to refer to your phone and allows you to customize your workout. There are also video clips with every exercise to show you exactly how to move. There’s no way to integrate music into this app though, which is a bummer I hope they fix.

Pay the $0.99 for the Pro version to get verbal exercise cues and the ability to customize yoga and exercise sequences

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