Ah, our bellies our finally filled with the Thanksgiving goodness we’ve been waiting for all year.  With zero interest (or ability) to get off the couch and with pants unbuttoned in such a way that makes it hard to move, plopping on the couch with loved ones to watch a movie tonight sounds like the best way to end the day …until it actually happens.

Soon it turns into a true test of negotiating skills and (ultimately) yelling to get to that decision on what holiday movie to watch.  You start filtering through your countless options on Apple TV, via Netflix suggestions and Amazon Prime recommendations but getting your Uncle Jay and your 8-year-old niece on the same page is impossible. You engage in a Lincoln Douglas-style debate that ends up opening up old family wounds and so you watch whatever is on TBS, usually A Christmas Story.

thanksgiving movies

Enter Movieoa fabulous movie suggestion tool to solve just this family movie-watching crisis. Want to laugh with a Steve Carell flick?  Simply type his name in or one of his movies in the Movieo search bar. Then you get results for any movie he has starred in ranked by IMDB rating (but you can change that), Little Miss Sunshine pops up first, in his case.  Then sort through a list of his movies in which he has had a major or minor role (did you know he was in something called Hammy’s Boomerang Adventure?)

Each of his movies has a customized page with details including ratings, a movie synopsis, cast and – the best feature – suggestions for similar movies or from the same director (which is where I got the suggestion for The Other Guys when I was searching for Anchorman-like movies)

You can also filter and rank choices by genre, country, year of release.  And the site provides not just IMDB ratings but also the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer and Rotten Tomatoes Audience scores, so no need to jump over those sites which are less sleek than this one.

thanksgiving movies

The founders are based in Europe, so there’s a solid selection of foreign flix.  And in a recent interview with Fast Company, the founders said they are working on a Netflix integration which would be the holy grail.

The user experience is great and much cleaner than what you can find on other sites including IMDB.  There’s no linking to outside pages. The site is ad free and pop up free too, so it really is all about the movies.

Try it out and let me know what you think.  Hopefully you’ll spend less time arguing and more time watching.

Get it here:  Movieo.me

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