It’s the MET of manis. The Louvre of nails. A nail-a-palooza. It is crazy a%# nail art worthy of a museum display. Who has time for this stuff? Trust me, you do.

Nailing it down:
Because we have spent countless hours spent buffing, filing and painting our nails, and should be recognized for the pain-staking art – or nail art – that it is., provides inspiration for your nail art expression and is a nice time sink, if you ask me. If you are looking to go wild (via fingertip expression only), this site is a fun place to start. Why not turn your nails into a conversation starter.  Go ahead! Create nail envy!

Search for the hottest colors before they become staples in the salon – “Liquid Leather” appears to be a hot color these days with nail-aficianados

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 9.12.43 PM

You can search for specific features like 4th of July, British or sparkly – or just peruse what the latest trends emerging in the nail underground world – yes there is such a thing. Follow your favorite nail artists or if you’re really into you’re OWN nail art, create a gallery of your nail gorgeousness for others to envy. Enter contests, win “badges” – or likes – and win free nail polish.

Fine print:

The site recently went from invitation only to open to the public, so signing up is a breeze. The site won’t bring utility on a daily basis. But if you’re looking for some ideas for some crazy hot nails for a special night out on the town, this is a great place to see what’s possible.

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