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Next Week’s Amazon Sale to Blow Black Friday Out of the Water

Amazon announcing a crazy sale next week to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The Amazon sale is pushing Prime memberships to amp up battles with Netflix and Hulu and consumers win and get their back-to-school and maybe some holiday shopping done

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Get Saucey Tonight With Booze Delivered To Your Doorstep

No more need for late night beer runs or lugging boxes of booze up your apartment on party night. Get the Saucey app and lucky So Cal residents can have alcohol delivered to your doorstep in 20 minutes. A win

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Apps to Make Your Summer Sublime

Time to kick back and have some fun with the help of hand selected apps to make your summer sublime.  Find the hottest concerts in your ‘hood, name the stars you see in the summer sky or download the app

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Spotter news app gets you career-critical news…fast

Need to be the first one in the office to know about that mega merger? Will knowing new details about that certain IPO pricing change your game plan for your 8am meeting? With the Spotter news app be “10x more

Google Project Fi

Google offers new mobile phone service called Project Fi

“Connection is a human right” – so says Google in an ad for its new mobile phone service dubbed, Project Fi.  Priced starting $30 a month, this is going to change everything. Leave it to Google to shake up AT&T,