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Drool-worthy new tech products for better living

Let’s face it, sometimes the gadgets in our lives can make us feel more frustrated and not in control.  I found 3 new tech products that I swear will change your life in the oddest of places – in the

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A Parking Ticket App That Fights Your Battles For You

Never waste time fighting parking tickets again thanks to this buzz-worthy app.  With Fixed, simply snap your parking ticket and let their team do the dirty work to get you off the hook.  Currently in San Francisco only, but coming

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The BMW of device chargers is here, ditch those ugly white cords

Be the first to get your hands on the upcoming FlexCharger –  the “Ultimate Charging Machine” juicing 5 devices at once, including wirelessly, working seamlessly in foreign countries and can maximizes your WiFi signal while its at it. It is

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Ditch the Gym Membership and Still Get Crazy Fit

Quit wasting that pricey gym membership and instead hit some of the hottest fitness classes in any neighborhood.  Class Pass lets you be a member of every gym and won’t drain your motivation or wallet. My quick take: Experts say

Super Bowl

How to Watch the Super Bowl Online

So right now I’m living a sports lover’s dream…I write from Glendale, AZ on a TV assignment covering the Super Bowl for a network.  It is a thrilling but exhausting assignment and, ironically, even though I am standing LITERALLY right

google self-driving driverless mercedes ces F015

Mercedes Benz debuts self-driving car that blows minds!

What car is 17 feet long, has 4 swiveling lounge seats and a steering wheel that folds into a dashboard?  The buzz about CES this year was the new Mercedes F015. Dubbed a “cocoon on wheels” with video screens controlled

best holiday shopping app
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The Best Holiday Shopping Apps for 2014

Ho ho ho! This time of year is a blast, a blur and costs serious bank.  It is hard enough to get through the season with the endless shopping lists, the merriment of a million parties and, oh yes, the bombardment