Whether you’re traveling with the family, looking for romance, or joining the girls for a getaway, Peek lets you holiday like a pro. Create a choose-your-own-adventure vacation to wow that special someone or make you a hero to many.

Peek travel app offers Perfect Days from tastemakers

Quick Take

Backed by some tech heavy-weights including Eric Schmidt (hello, Google?!), CAA (meaning its Ari Gold-approved) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter co-founder), Peek is an app and website all about building an unforgettable experience for your next holiday. You can book everything from jetpack flights to romantic walking food tours through Paris to a private circuit session with a top trainer in Maui. Peek currently covers 19 cities mostly in the US with London and Paris included as well.

When you first sign up, Peek gives you a fun photo quiz to determine your traveler profile (Foodie, Nature Lover, etc.), which it then uses to recommend activities you’ll be most interested in. Don’t worry, if you don’t like the results you can re-take the quiz any time to change your profile. Within each city that Peek covers, you can browse activities either by category (Off the Beaten Path, Water Sports, For Kids, etc.) or by location/neighborhood.

Why It’s a Pick

On top of its wide range of activities and personalized recommendations, the Peek website offers a “Perfect Days” section featuring complete itineraries, insider tips and hidden gems from tastemakers that include celebs, executives, UFC fighters, talk show hosts, designers and more. Why bother asking friends for LA restaurant recs when Peek gets them for you directly from Diane Von Furstenberg and Wolfgang Puck.

There’s also a “Community Perfect Days” section with itineraries from other Peek users. Aside from discovering even more local and unique activities, these user-sourced itineraries can cover locations outside of Peek’s 19 official cities.

You can book experiences directly on the website and manage your bookings through your Peek account. And Peek offers customer service via phone, email or chat, that, according to user reviews, is top notch.

What users are saying:

“Seamlessly scours cities around the world for perfect trips, activities, sight seeing, adventures and more…Peek comes up with activities I never knew existed.”

“The (app) design is unparalled and the funcationality is smooth…”

Peek travel app's personality quiz helps you find activities you'll love

The Fine Print

Looking at an itinerary for my home city of San Diego, I got recs from: former talk show host Piers Morgan, “food lover” Jane Bills, and Peek co-founder and foodie Adam Cho. Not exactly headliners but I appreciated the local foodie joints each recommended, and it definitely seemed more “insider” than Yelp or TripAdvisor. The tour and activities that Peek recommends aren’t cheap either, but you can always use them as a creative launchpad for creating your own itinerary if you’re on a tighter budget. And if you aren’t traveling to one of the Peek’s 19 cities, you’re out of luck except for searching the “Community Perfect Days” section of the website for your destination.

Get It Now
Sign up at www.peek.com. The mobile app is currently available for iPhone only, so Android users will have to browse and book through the website.

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