Overhear the inner thoughts of friends and connections. Get the dirty details on the Silicon Valley scene. Secret gives you a place to read and get off your chest what nobody wants to say out loud.

Secret App - Speak freely and share with your friends.

Gossip Goes 2.0

Created by former Googlers and backed by some big VCs, Secret gets in on the trend of anonymity a la SnapChat and gossip-spreading that Whisper came to be known for. Users post whatever kind of “secret” they want – actual secrets, narcissistic thoughts, emotional outbursts, anything goes here. To bring your secrets to life, the app lets you pair your text with an image or built-in color patterns, and apply visual effects similar to Instagram.

Secret only circulates stuff by people in your extended friends circle, so no random posts from Dayton, Ohio residents (no offense…I’m from Oklahoma, so I can joke about us midwesterners, ok?). The app also protects users’ identity so you can’t trace posts back to the originator, which makes for some great fun.

Unload about how much you hate your job or that DB wearing mint green pants at your party or a hot new startup you just heard about. And the more people who like your posts, the further they spread. Think viral marketing machine. I won’t tell if you won’t!

Silicon Valley’s Anonymous News Source

Silicon Valley is abuzz with this app, which is quickly becoming chock full of juicy insider tidbits. Check out this TechCrunch article about how Secret is being used to leak potential acquisitions and other company secrets. As the article points out, the intrigue of it all is not knowing whether you’re reading the first leak of a major story or just a cleverly planted rumor.

Secret lets you privately express your innermost thoughts and read those of your friends

The Fine Print
While the anonymity is a big draw, it has its limits. The app does indicate something about the source of each post (location, in your circles, friend, etc.), so the closer your relationship to the author of a post, the easier it becomes to guess the person behind that secret.

Early reviewers also complain that “there are posts that are practically rammed down your throat, ones you cannot comment on.” but with a site like this, what do you expect? Personally, I see great potential as a party game too. At your next party, have partygoers post on Secret and turn into a guessing game.

Get It Now
Secret is currently available for iPhone only, although there are plans (and an email list) for an Android app. To download Secret or get on the list for Android, visit www.secret.ly.

UPDATE: As of late May, Secret is now available both for iPhone on the App Store and for Android on Google Play.

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