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digital doorbell
Digital Detour

How a Digital Doorbell Became My Latest Obsession

One of the most practical and, strangely, fun product upgrades I have had installed, the Ring digital doorbell puts security and convenience within the touch of your fingertip. It is also a great gift idea for the holidays. The Elevator

virtual assistant
Take 3

Best Virtual Assistant Apps For Busy People

Some of the best taskmaster apps to help you chip away at that expanding to-do list of yours. Thanks to virtual personal assistant apps, you can practically clone yourself and get stuff done! I was recently talking to a close

amazon books store
Future Living


Join me in a tour of Amazon’s new brick and mortar store experience – Amazon Books.  With some .com twists, Amazon Books is bringing the bookstore experience back. The future of digital retail involves bricks. My quick take: Last week

waze parking
Shibani's Picks

Waze App Now Finds You The Best Parking Spot, Too

All praise Waze! Its updated “Where to Park” feature drives you directly to that primo parking spot closest to your destination. It’s not about the journey, but about your parking spot, as every driver knows! My Quick Take: My love

iphone 7
Sector Buzz

Why I Will Skip the iPhone 7 Upgrade

Ding dong. Are you ready for your wired headphones to be gone? Apple’s new iPhone 7 pushes the masses to ditch wired headphones. But for health concerns and hassle, I will skip the upgrade for now. The headlines out of

apps for new parents
Take 3

3 Must-Have Apps for New Parents

New parents need all the help they can get! Let technology and apps aid you in ways you didn’t know you needed. From a sick and totally redesigned baby monitor to a savvy feeding app that delivers a daily report,

Google Headache Doctor
Sector Buzz

Is It a Headache or Cancer? Just Ask Dr. Google

Because turning to Google to self-diagnose ailments like a headache is so common,  it released new, more medically accurate features to aid you in your quest for medical answers and treatment on the internet (sounds silly when you put it

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