Its a tuxedo rental service that delivers a hip, well-fitting tuxedo straight to your doorstep for about $100.  Forget the bride, all eyes will be on you! When an event calls for black tie, bring your A-game – not your penguin suit.

My quick take:

In the immortal words of Justin Timberlake : “As long as I’ve got my suit and tie, I’mma leave it all on the floor tonight…” 

Message to all my fellas out there: the ladies bring their best when it comes to a black tie event. We’re talking a hair blow out at Dry Bar, a scintillatingly scandalous dress from Rent the Runway and nails that scream “look at me!”  So why do you choose the cheapest tux you can rent, making you look like a character from The Wedding Singer? What if you could rent a $1200 custom tailored tux for $95 bux and look like a million?

Check out the The Black Tux rental experience. Recently backed by the VC that gave Warby Parker and Birchbox some seed money, it is looking to change the tux rental game.

Black Tuxedo Rental Details

What it is:

The Black Tux is a red carpet experience to renting a tux.  No more Men’s Wearhouse rentals. This is a chic, super easy option to consider whether it is for your own groomsmen, your groom-to-be or for an event you need to bring your A-game to.

Black Tie Tuxedo  Rental

There are 4 simple steps to renting a great fitting and looking tux, shoes and needed accessories for about $160. 

1. Pick from 5 suit or tuxedo options (ranging from $95-$120).

2. Select an extras you need including shirts, vests, cufflinks and even shoes  (ranging from $5-$30). This is where things could add up.

3. Choose a size in one of three ways : simply select the size you need, find a tailor to provide measurement or measure yourself.

4. Voila! To your doorstep arrives beautifully packaged tux in a beautiful box (that you can use as a carry on item on the plane …I have seen it with my own eyes).

5. When you’re done, just mail it right back in. You get free shipping both ways.

The Fine Print

Of course, when you’re left to measure you’re own neckline, things are bound to go wrong.  Good news is that the site has a fit guarantee. If you have any issues, call within 24 hours of receiving the tux. You can either find a tailor to alter it or get a new one shipped to you.

Also, the items are designed to arrive 1 week before your event, so this really isn’t the best option if you have to attend a wedding 2 days from now.

Also, the accessory items can really add up, making this closer to a $200 experience if you need to be fully suited with shirt, shoes, ties and the works.

Check it out for yourself and let me know how this experience was for you.


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