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How To Take Control Of Your Privacy On Facebook Without Deleting Your Profile

Not ready to join actor Will Ferrell, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and others in the movement to delete Facebook? Learn some ways to safeguard your privacy on Facebook without deleting your account. As the (confusing) story of Cambridge Analytica’s data harvesting scandal continues to unfold, millions of Facebook users contemplate their next move on the social media platform.  Should you delete your

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From Cars to Smart TVs, Common Tech Devices Spying on You

News of Bose Headphones sharing private user information drove me into stealth mode to discover other tech devices exposing you to vulnerabilities. Be careful what you say in front of your TV! You pay a fortune for high quality headphones,

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How to Spot Fake News Online, So You Can Avoid It

Fake news has found its place in the headlines for creating shockwaves.  How you can sort fact from fake and protect yourself from bogus information sources to stay sane and safe online. Front page news: From the Pope supporting one

iphone 7
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Why I Will Skip the iPhone 7 Upgrade

Ding dong. Are you ready for your wired headphones to be gone? Apple’s new iPhone 7 pushes the masses to ditch wired headphones. But for health concerns and hassle, I will skip the upgrade for now. The headlines out of

Google Headache Doctor
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Is It a Headache or Cancer? Just Ask Dr. Google

Because turning to Google to self-diagnose ailments like a headache is so common,  it released new, more medically accurate features to aid you in your quest for medical answers and treatment on the internet (sounds silly when you put it

uber female safety
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New Uber Service Drives Focus on Female Safety First

A new rideshare competitor launches with early praise as a service for women, by women driving as Uber’s female safety record tarnishes. Rolling out nationwide, SafeHer delivers safety and opportunity for greater numbers of women. My Quick Take: It is

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It Might Be Time to “Amazon and Chill” Tonight, Netflix

“Netflix and chill” could get reclaimed by true movie watchers.  Amazon unveils news that shakes up the game again. For those of us who actually plan to watch a movie, “Amazon and chill” may be the way to go. Catch

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Stick on UV Patch Warns About Sunburns and Skin Damage

Mega-beauty brand, L’Oreal unveils a groundbreaking stick on UV patch to monitor your sun exposure. Via an app, track just how much sun you’ve been exposed to, so you can make safer choices and keep looking youthful (can I get

uber airbnb
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Airbnb, Uber Incidents Show Dark Side of Sharing Economy

This week’s news of a man’s death at an Airbnb rental shows the growing issue of safety issue of companies like Uber and Airbnb. The sharing economy has a dark side. Front page news: This week, a tech blogger revealed

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