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From Cars to Smart TVs, Common Tech Devices Spying on You

News of Bose Headphones sharing private user information drove me into stealth mode to discover other tech devices exposing you to vulnerabilities. Be careful what you say in front of your TV! You pay a fortune for high quality headphones,

organize digital photos
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3 Tips to Manage and Organize Digital Photos More Effectively

One of the biggest challenges for busy people is to actively manage and organize the (thousands of!) digital photos and videos stored on your phone, tablet and other devices.  We all know how crisis-inducing those alerts about storage limits being

kids alexa skills
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Alexa Skills Your Kids and Family Will Love

Did you know Alexa can play math games and read bedtime stories to your kiddos? I tested some of the most popular, kid-friendly Alexa skills that will keep your entire family entertained for hours. Alexa isn’t just about the music.


How to Spot Fake News Online, So You Can Avoid It

Fake news has found its place in the headlines for creating shockwaves.  How you can sort fact from fake and protect yourself from bogus information sources to stay sane and safe online. Front page news: From the Pope supporting one

elon musk tunnel

Elon Musk is Digging a Tunnel to Ease L.A. Traffic

Elon Musk is fed up with traffic. In fact, he’s digging a tunnel, with dreams to “hyper” transport you from L.A. to San Francisco at 160mph with zero road rage. His grand tunnel plans are already being unearthed. On the

strong password
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10 Tips for Creating Strong Passwords and Staying Cyber Safe

Create a better, badder password. Why do you spend more time counting your steps than on creating a strong password? My guide with 10 tips to creating a strong password. My passionate take on passwords: While I was over at

digital doorbell
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How a Digital Doorbell Became My Latest Obsession

One of the most practical and, strangely, fun product upgrades I have had installed, the Ring digital doorbell puts security and convenience within the touch of your fingertip. It is also a great gift idea for the holidays. The Elevator