From Snapchat sunglasses to a phone-charging suitcase, graduation gift ideas that are sure to please your tech-loving grad and send her out into the world on trend.

Gift Ideas for Tech-loving Graduates
There’s no better way to congratulate your grad than with a high tech gift that says “welcome to the real world” with style and a charger, of course. A few ideas that will wow:

1. Snapchat “Spectacles” video recording sunglassesTech Graduation Gifts

Only available since September, video-recording Snapchat “Spectacles” are the ultimate in frilly tech gifts for the responsible graduate, who you want to treat with a little fun. Hard to get your hands on (they are only sold in pop-up vending machines right now), the Snapchat sunglasses have a built-in camera that allows the wearer to tap and record up to 10 seconds of wide-angle video. The specs wirelessly add your snaps to Snapchat, the preferred social media platform for youngsters. A nice perk: the goggles charge while resting in the case.  Expect virtual reality features to develop, as recent corporate information from maker, Snap Inc., indicates the glasses will go the way of other AI devices like those made by  Oculus, only with a more fashionable look.

Pricing details: $129
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2. Away Luggage for style and smart tech on the fly

Tech Graduation Gifts
Photo credit: Business Insider

Away luggage is “killing it when it comes to making packing chic and easy,” according to Conde Nast Traveler.  Perfect for a high-flying grad who can’t quite afford the luxury of a nice suitcase yet, the Away suitcase is a well made suitcase with great features. Away suitcases feature an unbreakable shell in a variety of stylish colors at a reasonable price. The company founders learned design tricks at Warby Parker first, bringing both style and substance to this category.  The travel-friendly interior has two compartments, one designed for clothes, the other for shoes, toiletries and other hard objects. 360-degree wheels and a nylon laundry bag that separates clean from dirty clothes, make it easy to use. All Away suitcases can also charge devices powered by a USB cord via a removable battery (important in this environment of changing travel rules). If you want to know how much energy’s available in the battery in real terms, you can charge an iPhone five times and an iPad more than once. This gift’s perfect for the airport delays that are in this grad’s future!  For GPS tracking capabilities, consider BlueSmart luggage, which I also reviewed.

Pricing details: Suitcases start at $225
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3. Give the gift of financial independence with a Robinhood account

A top destination for millennial earners, Robinhood is a mobile-friendly, stock brokerage app that allows customers to buy and sell U.S. listed stocks and ETFs with $0 commission.  With more than 2 million users and a $1 billion dollar valuation, the brokerage app is adding accounts faster than online rival, E*TRADE.  An SEC registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC, Robinhood takes 4 minutes to sign up and is available to users over 18 years with a social security number and legal U.S. residence.  There’s no research or data tools available through this service, but users enjoy having the convenience and flexibility to buy and trade securities from their mobile phone with no commission costs.  Upgrade to a $10/month Robinhood Gold account for more trading power. Users can start trading with no minimum deposit to open an account.  This service also has a unique referral incentive:  one share of stock of a randomly selected company for you and your friend, a benefit valued at between $3-$150.

Pricing details: Account set up is free, add money to trade
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