It’s like window shopping your next career move.  Swipe through jobs, just as you would dudes and chicks on Tinder, and find the job of your dreams.  Low effort and no commitment.  It’s a Tinder style app you can feel good about. 

jobr job app career app
jobr job app career app

My quick take:

Jobr, I think, is onto something brilliant – it let’s you shop the job market with just a swipe. It connects job-seekers (like you) and recruiters at top firms (from companies like Facebook, Google, Nike and Morgan Stanley)  in a single interface app.  With a simple swipe to the right, a recruiter knows your interested in a job.  If the company thinks its a match, it contacts you via text to set up a phone interview and the courtship begins. Even though your buddy is 15 minutes late for dinner, its no problem.  You’ve been searching for jobs while waiting at the restaurant. Brilliant.

What it is: 

Jobr uses your LinkedIN information (you sign in with your LinkedIN account) and matches it with the available jobs openings to deliver possible job matches to you. Using that data, it knows what skills you have, what salary range you could be interested in and what cities you’ve lived in.  Based on how you swipe (swipe left for NO, swipe right for YES), it learns and develops and algorithm to deliver more relevant results.  But, just like Tinder, sometimes you can swipe the wrong way.

Upon login, the jobs I was presented with were:

     1. Business Development Manager position at Jobr (no surprise, I swiped NO)

     2. Business Operations position at YELP (again, to the left, to the left)

     3. Senior Corporate Strategy position at Lending Club (more lefty swiping = NO!)

It was fun liking or rejecting opportunities from Morgan Stanley, Tom’s Shoes, Zulily and more. If you’re even remotely contemplating switching jobs, this is a great place to start to generate ideas, get your feet wet and see who’s hiring.

The site launched 2 months ago and already boasts 3 million swipes.  More importantly, it has already had 1,000 recruiters and that list is only growing.  The company just announced it raised $2m in funding from Time Draper, Redpoint Ventures and many others.  So it has some legitimacy backing it.  With money, the app and the number of jobs can only get better.

There’s also an opportunity to earn $1000 if you refer someone to a job via the app and they get hired.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.51.56 PM

The fine print:

It is clear the app believes I should be in a business strategy role (which I held 10 years ago).  I’ll over look that, I suppose, because I guess no one is looking to hire a diva of all things tech and media at the moment. I saw opportunities in the legal, business, engineering and a handful of other fields.  But if you’re interested in very niche jobs or non-business roles, this app may not be for you RIGHT NOW.  (sidebar: If they did have a head of biotech engineering position, for example, I may not have been offered it because of the lack of skills that match on LinkedIN).

Also, I always distrust apps that use data or logins from other sites (in this case, LinkedIN).  In this case, you aren’t even given the option to sign in with email.  LinkedIN or go home.

Get it now: 

Available for free on iTunes and available soon (get on the wait list) on Android

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