Part slideshow, artistic canvas and music discovery vehicle: Tunepics eliminates the struggle to create that perfect 140-character description of the magnificent double rainbow you just snapped with music and filters. 

Tunepics B

My quick take:

Tunepics was just released 2 weeks ago and already boasts 100k beta users on board, so get on board!  Users relish playing the role of photographer, photo editor and DJ all in one app.  Tunepics is a creative canvas that allows you to post photos attached with 15-second clips of music to take expression to a level that mere words can’t match.   This app goes one step further than Instagram (which is looks eerily similar to) by adding music.  Know that amazingly cute photo of  you and your gal pals out at 1OAK last weekend? That one where every single one of you looked fabulous and fun (and straight at the camera)?  Simply upload the photo just as you would to Instagram.  Caption it. Hashtag it. Like it.  Then tag the photo with 1 of 16 emotions like “happy,” “heartbroken,” or “hot” on an emotion wheel to give the photo the appropriate shading and look. Then search for a song in iTunes to attach via a simple search bar. You have access to almost 35m songs here. In your case,  you select a snippet from the very same Jason Derulo song that was playing the moment you took the photo.   There you have it – an epic, nostalgia-invoking, musical photo to share.

Why its a pick:

I love the layers of artistic expression Tunepics lets you create starting with Instagram-like filters but then it kicks it up a notch with the addition of music and the “emotion wheel.”  The sensory-rich experience was the brainchild of executives from fashion houses like Burberry, so this is a pretty and visual app that easy to use.  Celebs like are already fans. Another added bonus is that you also can discover new music with this app, listening to the soundtracks your friends chose to accompany their favorite snaps.  The app is free and there’s a link to iTunes with each song to purchase it (it’s how they make their money).

The fine print:

Because the app is new (and free), the user base is small and so sharing is a pain because you have to invite friends to get the app to see your auditory and visual masterpiece.  This is being built as a social network  and not just a stand alone app.  Then there are some obvious annoyances.  One user complains about the music selection, in particular, writing an iTunes review that:

“You can NOT use your OWN music. It does however let you browse the iTunes Store to use their music clip. Oh and you’re not allowed to choose what portion of the song you choose. AND even though you have the option to share on social media and by email and messaging, you can only hear the music through the app.”

At times this can feel like your high school slide show with the static images too, so the natural next step for the app is to incorporate video. 

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