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Must-have new apps and products

Shibani's Picks

Spotter news app gets you career-critical news…fast

Need to be the first one in the office to know about that mega merger? Will knowing new details about that certain IPO pricing change your game plan for your 8am meeting? With the Spotter news app be “10x more

Shibani's Picks

Drool-worthy new tech products for better living

Let’s face it, sometimes the gadgets in our lives can make us feel more frustrated and not in control.  I found 3 new tech products that I swear will change your life in the oddest of places – in the

Shibani's Picks

A Parking Ticket App That Fights Your Battles For You

Never waste time fighting parking tickets again thanks to this buzz-worthy app.  With Fixed, simply snap your parking ticket and let their team do the dirty work to get you off the hook.  Currently in San Francisco only, but coming

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The BMW of device chargers is here, ditch those ugly white cords

Be the first to get your hands on the upcoming FlexCharger –  the “Ultimate Charging Machine” juicing 5 devices at once, including wirelessly, working seamlessly in foreign countries and can maximizes your WiFi signal while its at it. It is

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Ditch the Gym Membership and Still Get Crazy Fit

Quit wasting that pricey gym membership and instead hit some of the hottest fitness classes in any neighborhood.  Class Pass lets you be a member of every gym and won’t drain your motivation or wallet. My quick take: Experts say

best holiday shopping app
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The Best Holiday Shopping Apps for 2014

Ho ho ho! This time of year is a blast, a blur and costs serious bank.  It is hard enough to get through the season with the endless shopping lists, the merriment of a million parties and, oh yes, the bombardment

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Moving apps take the pain out of your next apartment search

Moving apartments just got a whole lot less sucky. Search for a moving company with a Priceline-like service to ensure the best deal, pack up your stuff in green crates that save you time and tape, and start it all with a new

virtual assistant
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The Virtual Assistant for Busy People So They Can “Easily Do” Anything

It’s the personal, virtual assistant who works weekends, dials into your conference call for you, remembers your mom’s birthday, gives you traffic updates…AND won’t make your girlfriend jealous.  EasilyDo app is a virtual assistant for those who need an app to do it all. My

Tech gift ideas that everyone will love

Happy birthday to me! The turning of October marks the kick off of my birthday week celebration.  I fill the week with indulgences of all kinds, including treating myself to techie gifts on my wish list, hello iPhone 6. Here are some other ideas I searched